At The Guru Guys we:

  • Talk in plain English – not geek talk – or fake geek talk…
  • Train our customers so they can fix problems in the future.
  • Won’t sell you unnecessary or overpriced parts and accessories – we make our money on providing quality service.
  • Provide competitive rates and superior service.

Why we founded The Guru Guys:

As lifelong computer users we have usually been the go-to-guys for family and friends when they have computer woes. Word of mouth spread and before too long we were able to quit our day jobs and start providing computer support full time. We rely on referrals, not street signs, ads or cars with fancy graphics for advertising. We work hard to satisfy you and that is why we rarely have a customer that does not refer us to another!

We strive to make our rates affordable and economical, catering to small business and home office. In addition, we know that not everyone is a ‘computer geek.’ We don’t talk down to our customers and try to do our best to train them. Not only do we solve their problems, we hope to train them on how to solve problems for themselves in the future. We go the extra step to make the customer happy and well informed on the situation.

The Guru Guys is founded by Brian & Patrick

Brian has been working with computers since a kid for over 25 years now. He has worked for Johnson Space Center as a digital printing system analyst, owned his own publishing company and written for various electronic related publications. Brian’s previous experience in the printing field makes him excellent in problem solving desktop publishing and printing problems. He has plenty of Macintosh experience with both OS 9 and OS X. Brian has written online e-commerce software and has experience with PHP and MySQL web development.

Patrick has over 25 years of computer experience. He started learning the digital arts on the Commodore 64 and Amiga computer systems at the age of 11. Patrick wears multiple hats as a graphic-designer/illustrator/web-designer, insuring that both halves of his brain get a thorough workout. He has become fluent with PHP programming and has mastered CSS design. Patrick believes in making all web pages he creates 100% compatible with the W3C standards. This ensures that every web browser and system will be able to view web pages created by him.